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Hi! Is a fantastic VN. I LOVE IT!


Amazing VN! Can't wait for more.


this is my favorite VN so far

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Plss add hide button to phones😭

Hi, can I ask something? In the image file "tiger20simplesmile" (Aiden simple smile) the top tuft of his hair is whitish orange while the rest of the other pics have the top tuft of hair the same colour as his face. Is that supposed to be there or no?

Nope :)


This is super good!!


absolutely amazing, I love this game sm, really great work <3


This game is fantastic! I wish I had money to give to you on patreon! Please don't stop!


It's cool and super funny I'll be waiting for the next update

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im really look forward to more content 

espacially nsfw part o///o


How is the next update going? Its been almost a month since the Haima update, and no new stuff except for the russian translation. No pressure though, you can take your time


New route is coming along lovely, I post some updates and sneak peaks from time to time on my Patreon.


Funny how you're bored after a month, i know another vn that is update first time i downloaded it was a year sooner


Im not bored, just checking the progress. Its always nice to know the state of anything that youre interested in (atleast for me)

any idea on when chapter 2 is comming out?


Hi, my mane is chapter 2 and i'm gay

Sry that joke is awful

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Literally had a dilemma when I couldn't find what the mc looked like. My blind ass just ignored the images on top smh

Getting around to dl-ing this game soon


вы еще и русский знаете я вас теперь в 3 раза больше уважаю


I so love how much sass everyone gives each other.  Even how his family talks to each other is hilarious.


Опа опа, русская версия, ничего так, спасибо)

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Is there an English one for Linux? I only see one for Russian...

The Russian version is exactly the same except that you can change the language in the settings, the default is still English so there shouldn't be any problems, I'll still add a simple English Linux version in a bit but just know that. 


Alrighty, thank you!


that dragon daddy can sunder my human race anytime he wants to and id still let him hit it lol

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for once a visual novel that i really like starts with my favorite route...aiden. I was not disappointed 

sad we cant sex aiden but the story was so nice, that kiss scene was wholesomeee, the art was also really beautiful in that scene.. PLUS HE PLAYS GUITAR?? my type for real.


Is there a place one can submit spelling errors?

You can  email them to me in the following format:

"Wrong spelled word" - "How it should be spelled"

There is no need to bother with pictures, It's easy to find the mistakes in the script if I know the word.

Most spelling mistakes were already corrected, just not updated on the site, but you might still find some me and my discord server overlooked, so I appreciate it ^^


Alrighty, thanks! I imagine someone's has already caught this one, so I'll check after the next release. I'm not through the whole thing, but I was dying throughout the sister-brother "bonding" moments. 


Parry Hotter and a Bunch of GAYS )))


Is there any chance that you can play as another gender? Obviously the art would be hard to replace but just changing the pronouns and petnames would be really nice if thats possible (like from he/him to she/her or they/them and turning 'good boy' to 'good girl' instead)

Sorry if this is a bit much! Nice work with everything you've done so far, i really like the atmosphere you've created with the cast :> i especially look forward to Tate's route when that releases. Love the lil dork

Sorry, it might be possible, somehow, maybe, but there is too much work needed for that.


Is there any chance you could add a 32-bit launcher? For improve some compatibility and some translation software does not support Renpy 8.0 64-bit launcher very well.

I'm not sure Renpy allows a 32-bit version, so no


By the time i ended this i was IN LOVE with everyting about this VN. The art style is amazing as well as the sprites, the CGs were awesome, the story (Aiden`s route for now) is very enjoyable and well-paced, the personalities of the 5 main characters (Cody, Scribbles, Aiden , Dallan and Tate) are really good; and i absolutely love the humor. Well, from my point of view this VN is perfect for what is intended to do. I also wanted MindOfFur to know to take their time to do the next patch without any rush, just enjoy creating this.

PD: Aiden is bae

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I enjoyed Aidens route, especially some of the later scenes in the headmasters office, but I already have an idea that it may lead into a bad end in later updates. Not that I'm complaining because it works well with how shady the Dilf lion is being and why he's doing it in the first place. I look forward to other routes, Also just wanted you to know that I'll enjoy the story no matter how it goes or ends all I ask is you follow your heart in how you storytell and not bend to people asking for more, if you want it long or short, Dark, Sexy, or Wholesome it's all up to you no one else.  😁


I played Aiden's route and I'm very hooked with the story and the world setting of urban fantasy, but the romance felt too soon for a first chapter. Given the lusty and comedy theme of this visual novel's nature, I may give it a pass. But I know this VN has potencial and can do better with the romance without rushing it (depending how many chapters you're planning). I'll look forward on the next update and keep up with the good work. 😀

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I just love every second of this chapter and more because the Mc is a snep just like me hahahahaha.  I really look forward to the next update, I can't wait for the route of the other characters, they are all adorable and I really like your art style.  =^.^=

Is there any way to "do it" with Aiden?



MindOfFur I'm so glad you did Aiden as the first route thank you

I keep ending back on Aidens route i thought from the comments dallan had a route :v

Nope, you understood it all wrong then

Oh i didnt read properly my bad.

Is the romance based on Wich pamphlet you pick?

nope :)

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Can you choose for example sorcery and romance Aiden or Dallan? Or does the person you follow after/choose lock you into a shard direction and route?

No, you can't, the shard is tied to the character.


Mindoffur this is the best vn by far it is the best one I've ever played and what path is the completed one


the demon is the best pick he hot he shy he is  dom and he the dragon demon king or god and he a good demon


The humor and the writing are pretty whatever, art is good and it's entertaining for what it is.

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Ok, here's a long one. Also maybe spoilers.

SO! I will be completely honest and say, my expectations were low. Not because of the art style or writing or anything, just because I went completely blind, not even reading the info about it.

And I gotta say, I'm utterly impressed. 

I played a lot of visual novels, going from magic stories to mundane life's, each with a magic to it that made it special.

This however, was such a fun and enjoyable experience that I HAD to post a comment.

Every single character has such a fun personality that makes them so unique yet I feel like I'm seeing an average group of friends (which I find super good, as it makes puting yourself in the shoes of any of them possible).

The references, the dialogue, the characters sprites, I can only describe as fun. Even the scribbles was such a fun and enjoyable character.

It had been a looooong time since I stubbled into such a good experience. 

I'm glad that I discovered this early as now I can grow with the community. It may not mean much for the creators, but this Visual novel will definitely be on my watch list for updates.

And maybe thinking of supporting this VN.

*Slaps roof of the Visual novel* 

10/10 great stuff right here.


Every new fan means the world to me, I'm glad I could create something you had fun with ^^


Is it possible to make haima become a romanceable character in the future 


Unfortunately, Haima is not interested in any romantic or sexual advances, but if you can find some kind of cure for their curse in the future... maybe.

May I ask when will this game fully complete?

I hope that you won't drop it


Hard to say, it only just begun so I don't have an end point in mind yet. 


You should have an end, expand it too much will make it too hard to come true, you know.

It happened to someone because they made their stories too long and lost their purposes during the project

(It's just a advice, feel free to take it or not :)) )


Do you have anywhere else to check out your art? I absolutely love it.


here is my twitter where I also post pre updates for Lust Shards, nsfw warning, obviously :p

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I was hoping we could fuck the headmaster, but was expecting it not to happen due to most games avoiding that sorta sub route, didn't think it'd actually happen but glad it did, even if he is a bit of a piece of work, gotta love dem dilfy dads and hope there are more dilfs to cum. Anywho great work over all, looking forward to how this game develops, :D

It's like furry horny Hogwarts, love it, :D

Wait you can have s*x with the headmaster??

yes, two sex scenes it seems, :o

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